Sunday, March 31, 2013

What causes attitudes and what do we do with them?

You have probably come across a person with “bad attitude” before. That one person, who gets under your skin, has a terrible attitude and brings one down. When you hear the word “attitude” you probably automatically connect it with something negative. Why? Because most situations we have experienced has been in a negative context.

Let’s face it, attitudes does not come by itself. There can be several reasons for it. The causes could be by someone or something. It’s hard not to take it personally if they direct it to you, but we need to remember that it is most likely coming from somewhere else, and they need to come out with their frustrations which happen to be taken out on us. The person with the “bad attitude” changes the whole atmosphere around, them and it doesn't only affect the person itself but also the people they associate with.

Many times a people who has an attitude is unaware of how they are affecting others. Self awareness is a vital social skill that many people don’t have. You can’t just change others attitudes, they have to see for themselves and want to change.

A good way to prevent getting affected with bad attitude, is by staying positive and don’t let them get you down or get to you. You wonder how much positive attitude can do. Positive attitude can be a very powerful key, and the way to achieve what we desire. But we have to work for it! A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.

Sometimes being positive isn’t enough when you around negative and rude people. When you with negative people it seems as their energy rubs off on you. Continue to act and do positive things. If you do, you will reap the good benefits of it.  

Another thing is to stay away from people who are really negative but it isn’t always possible.  You don’t have to act upon that person’s negativity. You have a choice to be either positive or negative. The easiest way is not to be around negative people unless you absolute have to.  
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