Monday, March 25, 2013

What can we do to prevent chaotic mornings? Well here some solutions.

1.       Get proper sleep

This may be the biggest boost to both your morning and throughout the day. It is important to adjust the sleep habits. Everyone’s individual sleep needs vary. Some experience daytime sleepiness severe enough to interfere with their daily activities.

Many of us are trying to sleep as little as possible or feel that we should have. There are so many things that prevent us from getting a good night's sleep. The simplest is that we think there are other things that are more interesting or important than getting a few hours’ sleep, but just as exercise and nutrition are essential for optimal health and happiness, so is sleep. The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, physical vitality, and even your weight. No other activity offers so many benefits with so little effort!

You basically need to go to sleep early enough that when you wake up the next day you feel rested, if you are in doubt, go with eight hours which is about average, or do this experiment to find your perfect bedtime. You can start your day with alerting instead of Snoozy, which can make your mornings feel less chaotic. This alone makes you feel that you have more time (or in the least more energy) available.

2.       Systematize your mornings

It can be small things that can affect your mornings. These small things can make a big difference. Here are some things all of us can do to make the morning less stressful: Start the morning the night before. By shifting all the mindless but essential tasks such as picking out clothes, pack you bag, making breakfast to other times, and even make lunch ahead of time. Simply of those basic things you would have plenty of time available in the mornings.

3.        Create a routine

Divide your habits in morning and evening routine that will ensure you have achieved all the things you had planned for the day. Another thing you also could do is to create a checklist that says what you want / expect to achieve. A checklist is a good way to start a routine of. You can adjust checklist after how you handle things.
Remember to start out with simple 1-10 things you want to achieve. Get more advanced after becoming accustomed to that system. Mix things up, add things, or take away things to change a routine. Clean up at least once a week. 

All those things would make the mornings much easier. 

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