Sunday, May 12, 2013

We have all tried comfort eating from time to time. It may start as an innocent thing when we are stressed, bored, lonely or sad and want to cheer ourselves up by eating. Most of us do it without even knowing it. It often occurs with drinking a cup of coffee with a couples biscuits, or that naughty bar of chocolate bar from the supermarket. We’ve enjoyed the first one so much, that we are tempted to have more because of the “pleasure” we are feeling.   

For some people it gets completely out of hand. It might begin with “oh I’m feeling a little down today I have to eat something sugared”. At first you don’t really give it any thought because you simply think that you have a bad day. In the long run it starts to get so out of hand that is like their drug. They are addicted to eat in any case they are feeling stressed, bored, lonely or sad. In reality, they are hiding from the truth and don’t want to face their problem, and by eating they think that they have some kind of control left.

To get rid of comfort eating, there are things you can do. Keeping yourself occupied is a good way to forget the temptation for food. If you feel peckish, but suspect it might be because you are bored, do something you enjoy like watching a movie. You can even eat popcorn it’s not too naughty if you are feeling like chewing on something. While you are in the process of quitting comfort eating, don’t cut it out all in once. It’s healthy to eat the foods you are craving but it’s a good idea to try and eat less of it. Will power is the key.
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