Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Well did you know that stress is actually a disease……No I don’t think so….. We always hear the word stress in our everyday life. But what is stress actually? It can affect anyone, and often it is the most dedicated who get sick. Why is that? Stress is the changes that occur in the body and in the brain when we are overloaded with our feelings and thoughts, or outside of such work. These changes are caused by stress hormones that gets released when we are under pressure.

How to avoid stress

There are various tools you can use in order to avoid being stressed.

Are you suffering from stress; it is not always easy to get started on a different lifestyle. But you can start with a few simple things. Among other things, be sure to get some fresh air to clear your mind.

You should also remember to relax or do what you love the most, whether it is to listen to your favorite music or playing with your children. And there are several options.

You can….
  •        Exercise
  •          Take a nap (power nap)
  •          Meditate or do yoga
  •          Listen to music
  •          Surround yourselves with people you love
  •          Cultivate a hobby

It is important that you learn to focus on the things that make you happy, and try to forget the things you can’t do anything about.

Get support from people in your family, at work and in the circle of friends that you trust. Sometimes it can help just to talk about what is bothering you.

And finally: Try to solve the conflicts that torment you in your everyday life.
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